Starbucks (in Safeway)

If you need a quick buzz while you’re grocery shopping, this Starbucks fills the bill, but otherwise, there are nicer coffee shops in town.

Located in the front of the Safeway store, this small location has just a few tables, so is not a good choice for those planning to linger over a cup of coffee.  They do have a full menu, though, so if you’re a Starbucks regular, you can find all your favorites.  Be forewarned that they do not participate in the Starbucks Rewards program, so you won’t earn points on purchases.

Seeing as how this Safeway is the busiest in Colorado, if not the country, and seeing as how your blood pressure is guaranteed to spike just by walking in the door, we recommend you go elsewhere for your caffeine fix, unless you’re already heading to the store for something else.

Contact Starbucks (in Safeway)

451 E Wonderview Ave
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586-4447

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