Inkwell & Brew

inkwell-and-brew-interiorInkwell and Brew began years ago as MacDonald Coffee and Paper Shop, and over the years it’s had many iterations in this location, some better than others.

The concept is really cool–it’s part stationery store, part coffeehouse–and the building in which it’s housed is the perfect spot for it.  Warm wood throughout, it opens onto a plaza on the Downtown Riverwalk.  There are comfy chairs both upstairs and down, and patio seating for people watching.

The coffee shop part of this business is where it shines, and hands down, it’s the best place to get cold brew coffee in town.  Okay, so maybe it’s the only place to get cold brew coffee, but this stuff is divine.  It’s worth visiting for that alone.  They also have a selection of teas and baked goods, some of which are gluten free.

The stationery part of the business is slowly gaining ground.  It’s not quite the overstuffed stationery wonderland that the original shop once was, but it’s got a good selection of greeting cards, journals, pens, art supplies, and other items.

Worth a visit.

Contact Inkwell and Brew

150 E Elkhorn Avenue
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 342-1297

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