Kelli’s Lounge

Catering to the younger crowd, Kelli’s is on the 2nd floor of a historic building with a funky flair.  The murals of famous musicians are … Read more

The Barrel

The hottest spot to hit downtown Estes in years, The Barrel is a fantastic outdoor beer, wine, and spirits garden open only in the summer season. … Read more

Cascades Whiskey Bar

The Cascades Whiskey Bar is part of the Cascades Restaurant inside The Stanley Hotel, but it’s so unique that it deserved its own post. Its … Read more

The Wheel Bar

The Wheel has been around since 1945, in the same historic building and run by the same family.  It’s been a favorite bar for locals … Read more


Okay, technically Lonigan’s is a bar and grill, but we’ve included it in the bars section because, let’s be honest, NO ONE says, “Hey, let’s … Read more