Estes Park Social Scene

Estes Park Social Scene
The Rock Inn is a popular spot for live music.

If you ask a local about the Estes Park Social Scene, their response very well may be, “What social scene?”

Let’s put it this way: every single man we know in Estes Park complains that there are no single women here, and vice versa.  So Estes isn’t exactly known as a great place to meet your future spouse, although I did, so…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (One exception to that might be if you’re college-aged and working in a place that employs a lot of other college students–there, you might be in luck.)

That doesn’t mean there isn’t any social scene in Estes Park at all, though.  There are a ton of clubs and organizations for those who want to get involved in the community.  There are so many, in fact, that we know multiple retirees who complain of being too busy in their retirement!

If you’re just wanting to enjoy the nightlife, there are several bars and bar and grill restaurants.  Many places around town feature live music (check the Estes Park News for weekly happenings). Oh, and there’s a bowling alley and two movie theaters, too.

The Estes Park social scene may not be the hippest and most happenin’ place on the block, but we do all right.

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