Estes Park Old Fashioned Candy Store

estes-park-times-interiorEstes Park Old Fashioned Candy Store (aka Estes Park Times) is the perfect stop for the kid in all of us.  With over 180 varieties of candy from many different decades, there’s something here to make just about anyone nostalgic.

Walk in, and you’ll see the display is just like the shops of yesteryear, with hundreds of glass jars and bushels full to the brim with what seems like every kind of candy imaginable.  There are some sugar free varieties, too.

And if candy doesn’t do it for you, get your face plastered on an “antique” newspaper instead! Using an original handset printing press, the shop can create a paper with a custom headline just for you.

It’s great fun, and the kind of place where memories are made.

Contact Estes Park Old Fashioned Candy Store

102 W Elkhorn Ave
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586-3623

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