Purple Mountain Taffy Company (Formerly The Estes Park Taffy Company)

The Estes Park Taffy CompanyPurple Mountain Taffy Company is a relative newcomer to town, and not one we’re especially fond of. Why?

For starters, the taffy is waxy and leaves a funny, preservative-like taste in your mouth. It just isn’t that good. They may have dozens of flavors, but that’s about all they have going for them. How do they keep all those flavors fresh?

The other reason we’re not too fond of Purple Mountain Taffy Company is that they seem to be trying to imitate another shop in town, one that’s been here for over 80 years, and one that, in our humble opinion, serves much better salt water taffy.

Purple Mountain Taffy Company originally opened under the name The Estes Park Taffy Company at the exact same address as our town’s original taffy shop, but instead of 121 West Elkhorn, theirs is 121 East Elkhorn. They put a taffy puller in the window, just like at The Taffy Shop, and they even have the same style boxes! More than one person has been confused by this, thinking that this is the taffy shop that’s been in town for 80 years. Not cool, Purple Mountain Taffy Company, not cool.

Purple Mountain Taffy Company is located in downtown Estes. We recommend giving them a pass and heading straight for The Taffy Shop instead, where the taffy is handmade on-site daily.

This store is run by the same company that operates several other shops in town, including Laura’s Fine Candies, Hayley’s Homemade Ice Cream, and The Danish Cone Factory.

Purple Mountain Taffy Company

121 E Elkhorn Avenue
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586-3407


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