Bart’s Liquor

Bart’s Liquor was, for years, both a pharmacy and a liquor store… what?! Awesome!  The combo dated back to the prohibition era, when only pharmacies were allowed to have liquor licenses.  They were one of only a few pharmacies remaining in Colorado with this distinction.

Recently, however, the lovers parted ways and the pharmacy moved a few doors down.

What remains is an even bigger liquor store than the original, with the town’s largest wine selection, and a huge selection of beers, including microbrews and local craft beers. Other items include tobacco products, candy, snacks, and gifts.

Bart’s is located in the Stanley Village Shopping Center, which is where Safeway, the main grocery store in town is also located. There is ample parking here.

Contact Bart’s Liquor

453 Wonderview Ave #1
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586-1930

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  1. Walked in to an empty store and had three hipster like employees give me the stink eye as if I was wasting their time being in the store! Definitely has selection but way overpriced!

    Save your money and google Mountain Dew in Estes Park!


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