Safeway Estes Park

Safeway is the main grocery store in Estes Park, and part of a large chain. They have everything you’ll need from a grocery store, and they’ll also have lots of people and lots of long lines!

In addition to the largest grocery selection in town, they have a butcher, bakery, deli, pharmacy, floral department, Starbucks, and DVD rental kiosk (do people still use those?!). They also have the best selection of organic produce in town.

For sanity’s sake, if you are shopping in the summer, I recommend shopping early in the morning or late at night. Any other time of day will raise your blood pressure immensely. During the winter, you can go anytime.

There are multiple self-checkout stations on one end of the store, but these will only save you time if you have a few items.

There is ample free parking in front of the store. The parking lot is busy, though, and 3/4 of the people in it have no idea where they’re going, so drive with caution.

Safeway is located in the Stanley Village Shopping Center, which also houses multiple restaurants, a movie theater, the Safeway Fuel Center, a laundromat, a hardware store, and more.

An added bonus? One of the most beautiful grocery store parking lot views in the country!

Contact Safeway

451 E Wonderview
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586-4447

Safeway Reviews from Google Users


We visited the Safeway because we were staying in a hotel in Estes Park and had to get a few snack items. They were very busy that day and it seemed like a lot of items were picked over, being it was a Tuesday on May 18, so maybe they were going to get a truck next day.
The beer selection Had a lot of outs in the shelf, but I’m sure it’ll be restock shortly. We did buy the hot French bread because it was right around 4 o’clock, and the checkout service was quick and fast!... This is a good place to go if you need supplies for groceries.
Not a bad place to buy your groceries in Estes Park. I actually don't mind going into the store. It can get really busy at times but what do you expect when only one major grocery store exists in Estes during the crazy tourist months in the summer?? Very friendly help here and nice cashiers!
Pretty good Safeway. The staff are very nice. But they could use a few more. No such thing as a quick trip to the store. If you go around 4 or 5 forget about it, your gonna be there forever. If i was a rich man i would open another grocery store in this town. But its a small town. Things move a little slower than the big city rat race.
Tiny parking lot and tight isles but for a tourist town we expected it to be busy and cramped. Just bring some patience. Great location and reasonable prices for groceries before hitting up Rocky Mountian Nat Park!
Walked out without buying anything and had to get fast food instead for family dinner. Entryway carpets smelled musty, coolers were full of debris under the racks. Water was all over the floor from the freezers in two large areas with floor cones but no effort to actively guard or fix the safety issue. Two cardboard bales parked on the sales area. I could smell the meat section from the front of the store. Packages of chicken were bloated and excessive fluids in them. If I were the health inspector I would have shut the place down. First time in a Safeway and my last time. Too many health and safety violations, ironic name, nothing safe about it.
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