The Danish Cone Factory

How much is that waffle cone in the window?
How much is that waffle cone in the window?

The Danish Cone Factory (formerly Yesterday’s Ice Cream Shop) makes waffle cones while you watch and serves them up with about a bazillion flavors of ice cream.

There are multiple waffle cone flavors too–plain, chocolate dipped, chocolate with nuts, etc.  And the ice cream portions are very generous.  (For all you Texans out there, this used to be the one place in town where you could get Blue Bell Ice Cream, but, alas, they’ve stopped carrying it. *sigh*)

In addition to ice cream, they serve malts, shakes, and a variety of candy, but the waffle cones are pretty much like candy already.

This store is run by the same company that operates several other shops in town, including Laura’s Fine Candies, Hayley’s Homemade Ice Cream, and The Estes Park Taffy Co.

Contact The Danish Cone Factory

191 W Elkhorn Ave
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586-8624

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  1. This was the worst experience at an ice cream shop I have ever had!! The people were rude and demeaning. I will NEVER go back there again. In Estes Park there are plenty of other ice cream parlors. Go there instead!


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