The Caramel Crisp

Window of The Caramel Crisp Estes Park

The Caramel Crisp has been a fixture in the center of downtown Estes Park for since 1940. Clearly, they’re doing something right to be in business all that time.

Their main claims to fame are 1) fudge, and 2) popcorn. They have about a bazillion different flavors of both fudge and popcorn, the latter of which you can buy in cans, with the flavors of your choice..

In addition to fudge and popcorn, The Caramel Crisp sports an old-fashioned candy counter with chocolates, jaw breakers, licorice, and the like, plus taffy, cotton candy, and ice cream.

There’s pretty much something for every sweet tooth at The Caramel Crisp, and we love(d) that the same family has run the store for years… until recently, apparently. They appear to have been bought by a much larger company.

Contact The Caramel Crisp

108 E Elkhorn Ave
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586-9927


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