Sledding in Estes Park

The best place to go sledding in Estes Park is to Hidden Valley, an area inside Rocky Mountain National Park that used to be a ski area.

Note: Hidden Valley is the only place in the National Park where sledding is allowed.  You will still see on some websites that there is a snow play area at Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, but that area has been closed because it’s too dangerous.

Sledding in Estes Park

Hidden Valley allows sleds, tubes, saucers, and toboggans.  Because it used to be a ski area, there are lots of wide, open spaces with a variety of steepness.

There is a ranger station at the site where kids can work on becoming a Junior Ranger and earn a free Junior Ranger badge.  There are nice restrooms and picnic tables, too.

Because Hidden Valley is well within Rocky Mountain National Park, park entrance fees apply.

Where to Find Gear for Sledding in Estes Park

If you do not have a sled, there are plenty of places in town that sell them.  If we were in the market for a sled, we’d probably check Estes Park True Value Hardware first.  Not only do they carry sleds, they also carry other things you might need, like warm hats and a thermos. They are located in the Stanley Village Shopping Center (near Safeway/McDonald’s).

Keep in mind that there can be good sledding snow at Hidden Valley even when there is no snow on the ground in Estes Park; Hidden Valley is at a much higher elevation and in a shady area.

For current safety and snow conditions at Hidden Valley, call Rocky Mountain National Park’s Information Office at (970) 586-1206.  Do make sure to check before you go; you are responsible for your safety while sledding, and conditions are not always ideal.

And by the way, sledding in Estes Park isn’t just for kids!

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