Shell Gas & Car Wash

Shell Gas & Car Wash (aka EZ Auto Wash) is a little bit south of downtown Estes Park on Highway 7.

Here, you’ll find both self service and full service washes available, and there is a vacuum too.  With the full service wash, the owner is usually on hand to pre-wash your car, then vacuum and hand dry.

There is a change machine should you need one for the self-serve wash.

Contact Shell Gas & Car Wash

534 S St Vrain Ave
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586-0193

2 thoughts on “Shell Gas & Car Wash”

  1. I used the “automatic” washing tunnel. The attendant hand-sprayed the all the windows, wheels, tires and the front of our vehicle as we entered the tunnel. The front of our vehicle was completely covered with dead insects, looking like a man with a 3-day scruff on his face. Then the machinery rolled our vehicle through the automatic portion of the tunnel, including blow drying. When we emerged from the distant end of the tunnel, the attendant reappeared and hand-dried all the windows and side-view mirrors. This is an excellent service for $12.00


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