Moraine Park Stables

Moraine Park Stable is just outside the Moraine Park Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park.  If your plans include camping at there, this is your best bet for conveniently located horseback riding.  Rides between 2-8 hours are available.

This stable, along with Glacier Creek Stables, are the only stables inside the national park.  For some reason, people think that makes it better, but what it really makes it is BUSY!  Almost all the local outfitters ride into the park, so you can get spectacular views no matter which stable you choose.

Keep in mind that because these stables are so busy, the groups will probably larger and geared toward beginning riders.

Reservations are recommended.

This company also operates Glacier Creek Stables and Sombrero Ranch.

Contact Moraine Park Stables

Fern Lake Road
Rocky Mountain National Park
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586-2327

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