Moon Kats Tea Shoppe

From mugs to spoon rests, and t-shirts to tea names, cats are everywhere at this lovely little tea shoppe.
From mugs to spoon rests, and t-shirts to tea names, cats are everywhere in this lovely little tea shoppe.

Moon Kats is WAS one of our favorite spots in all of Estes, but we will admit that we are both cat lovers and tea lovers, so a cat-themed tea shoppe is really right up our alley.

Hansel and Gretel (both cats) own the shop, and allow the delightful Rob and Staci Leavitt to run the shoppe.

This sweet little cafe occupies the ground floor of a beautiful historic building downtown. Though the building has been extensively renovated, the feel and charm of old elegance remain. (If you’re a fan of such things, check out the tile work in the hallway and bathrooms, as it’s original to the building.)

Everything here is centered around cats and tea, and the shoppe has a whimsical feel. There are cats lacquered onto the table tops, and cat spoon rests, and cat mugs, and cat-inspired menu item names.

You can enjoy a full meal, just tea, or tea and dessert, and yes, they do have coffee for those of you who aren’t tea fans. The tea selection is extensive, and excellent. We’ve yet to try a tea we didn’t like, and the owners are obviously tea aficionados.  The food is quite good, and all the desserts are made from scratch on site.

For lunch, we’re fans of the croissant sandwich, with the Earl Grey tea bread for dessert. Some favorite teas include the Orange Spice Tabby Tea Cider, the Lavender Jasmine, and the Midnight Blue.

If you can schedule time for a high tea (reservations required), it’s a real kick. You receive, in several courses, a pot of tea, a scone, truffles, tea sandwiches, and mini pastries. It’s just like you’d imagine a tea party would be, and well worth it.

The one drawback to this shop is that service can sometimes be a little slow, but we consider that part of its charm, and never go when we’re in a hurry. Reservations are recommended, but not required.

They also have a small collection of cat-themed gift items, including t-shirts, notecards, and all things tea.

Contact Moon Kats Tea Shoppe

205 Park Lane
Estes Park, CO 80517
(303) 437-9514

Moon Kats is no longer in business.  🙁

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