Estes Park Websites

Estes Park websites

This is a list of other Estes Park websites. In this list, we opted for quality over quantity. There are a lot of unofficial Estes Park sites out there that all say the same thing, zzzz… None of those are included here.

Community Information

Town of Estes Park’s Official Web Site
The town’s website, coupled with the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau website (below), are the best sources for community information in Estes Park (besides here, of course!). The town site covers all the logistical aspects of living here, including a nice “Where Do I?” page. (Note: the “Visitor Info” link on the Town’s site points to the Convention & Visitor’s Bureau site.)

Estes Park Convention and Visitor Bureau
The CVB website has all sorts of information for tourists and is well organized. It also has lots of links to other Estes Park websites (primarily those of specific businesses).

Estes Valley Library
The Estes Valley Library is a great little library for a small town. In addition to a great selection of books, they have audio books and DVDs, magazines, and a variety of special programming for all age levels. Free Wi-Fi, too!


Estes Park News
The Estes Park News is a truly local paper, and it’s free! It comes out every Friday and can be picked up around town. If you don’t want to pay to read, and you want to see the most comprehensive classified ads, pick up one of these.

Estes Park Trail-Gazette
The main newspaper in town is the Estes Park Trail-Gazette. It comes out on Wednesdays and Fridays. The Trail-Gazette also has a smaller, free publication that can be found around town, and they publish a bimonthly “Home Guide,” an annual “Dining Guide,” and an annual “Vacation Edition.” If you want comprehensive news coverage of Estes Park, this is the place to get it.

Estes Park TV – Rocky Mountain Channel 8 – The Rocky Mountain Channel
EPTV 8 features an eclectic mix of documentary videos produced by its founder, Nick Mollé, most of which are about Estes Park, plus broadcasts of selected local events (like the Town board meetings, fun fun!) and short spots offering visitor information.

KREV-LP 104.7 FM
Local radio featuring a mix of light music, from classical to new age, choral to organ music, plus old-time radio shows.

Road Conditions

Rocky Mountain National Park Road Conditions
This page gives seasonal road status for roads in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is not minute-by-minute status.

To be absolutely certain of a road’s current status, you must call the park at (970) 586-1206. Between 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. MST, you will reach a live person. For 24 hour recorded information, call (970) 586-1333. Bear in mind that weather conditions on Trail Ridge Road may be highly variable, even in summer, so you may call the park for road status, then arrive three hours later to find the status has changed.

Colorado Department of Transportation Road Conditions
Road conditions for highways throughout Colorado, including the roads leading to Estes Park.


Greg Truta’s Estes Park Weather
A local weather station serving up real-time data.

NOAA’s Estes Park Forecast
The feds usually have a pretty good idea of the weather up here, although sometimes it is waaaaay off, mostly because they have a tendency to use data from down “in the valley” (the Estes Park locals’ term for anything from Ft. Collins to Denver, out of the mountains).

Weather Underground
None of the commercial weather websites gets it right all the time. How can they? Here’s one of many Estes Park websites.

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