Dairy Queen / Orange Julius

Dairy Queen / Orange JuliusDairy Queen / Orange Julius serves a variety of ice cream treats, the orangey drink known as the Orange Julius, and a variety of fast food. They also have ice cream cakes and other novelties for purchase.

As far as Dairy Queens go, this one isn’t much different than any other, and it is certainly a nice place to stop for a frozen treat on a hot summer day. Although there is seating inside and outside of the restaurant, we’d suggest taking your food just a few steps south, where there is a small park with picnic tables alongside the river.

Dairy Queen / Orange Julius is not open during the winter. ‘Cause that would be some serious brain freeze.

Contact Dairy Queen / Orange Julius

218 E Elkhorn Ave
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586-4939


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