Country Supermarket

Country Supermarket ProduceCountry Supermarket is a small, locally owned grocery store near the main entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. They carry the ShurFine/Western Family line in addition to major name brands.

Although the selection here is limited, and the prices are a bit higher than giant competitor Safeway, the Country Supermarket offers several advantages:

1) They tend to be much less crowded than Safeway. Safeway, in the height of the summer, is INSANE.

2) If you are staying at the YMCA of the Rockies or at one of the campgrounds in the National Park, you can access the Country Supermarket without driving through town. In the height of the summer, that’s HUGE, because driving across town is just miserable.

3) One of our favorite things about this store is their surprising selection of organic and natural products for such a small store–it’s the only place in town where we can find gluten-free rice bread, for example. Note: this is not so much true of the produce as it is miscellaneous other items in the store.

4) There is a small deli in the store that makes really yummy sandwiches and wraps at a reasonable price.

5) Ice cream by the scoop! Insider’s tip: enjoy your ice cream by the pond out back. From the store’s main entrance, exit the backside of the complex and take the staircase down, then cross the lawn to the pond. There are ducks, cormorants, and geese.

6) They are in the National Park Village complex, which offers ample parking, plus a gift shop, restaurant, gas station, laundromat, and liquor store.

Contact Country Supermarket

900 Moraine Ave
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586-2702

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