Cost of Living in Estes Park, Colorado

Cost of Living in Estes ParkThe cost of living in Estes Park is, unfortunately, about 20% higher than the national average.

The average selling price of a home is about $380,000, while the average selling price of condominiums is about $243,000.

There is a fair amount of senior housing and rent-adjusted housing available.

The median income is $62,543, but that includes retirement income and is probably not representative of the job market.  Many jobs here are seasonal, low-wage positions.

Sales tax within town limits is 7.7%.

Because the closest large retailers are located 45 minutes or more away, local prices tend to be higher than average.  Also, the cost of commuting to nearby towns must be included in the cost of living; most residents of Estes Park visit these locales regularly for shopping, entertainment, medical appointments, etc.

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