Animal Medical Center of Estes Park

Animal Medical Center of Estes ParkThe Animal Medical Center of Estes Park is an AAHA Accredited veterinary hospital with three veterinarians on staff.

They are open six days a week and provide medical services, surgery, dental care, x-rays, pet supplies, ultrasound, lab testing, pharmacy, and emergency care.

A separate business, the Estes Park Pet Lodge, shares their building and offers day and overnight boarding for dogs and cats.

The Animal Medical Center is Estes Park’s oldest veterinary clinic.

Contact The Animal Medical Center of Estes Park

1260 Manford Avenue
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586-6898

1 thought on “Animal Medical Center of Estes Park”

  1. I have had lots and lots of dogs and I am a bit of a helicopter parent to them. These vets have taken care of my dogs for years and years. You will never ever find more knowledgeable, kind and loving docs. They listen, respond immediately to calls at any time of day or night, always treat my dogs as their own, and never put them through anything that they would not put their own pets through. I am blessed to have them here in Estes Park.. The best testimony to their care has come from each of my own dogs, over the years, who are never ever frightened to go to the Dr. In fact, they are thrilled when we pull up to the clinic… even for some of my dogs who have had surgeries and follow up and know that the appt. might mean more than just a gentle pat and the occasional shot.
    I have owned and operated pet friendly lodging is Estes Park for more than 40 years and occasionally a guest has need of a vet. I always send them Drs. Fish, Flicek and Bryant and my guests have all been thrilled with the care they have received for their beloved pets.
    I have had vets in San Diego and the Chicago area and I have never had the kind of care that I have gotten right here in Estes Park at the Animal Medical Center. They are the best!!


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