Dad’s Laundry & Public Showers

Dad’s Laundry is probably the best place overall for laundry if you’re from out of town.

Dad’s is always staffed with friendly folks, and offers a large, very clean space with plenty of machines, clean public showers, drop-off service, lots of books and magazines, a television, an iron and ironing board, change machines, soap vending machines, and plenty of parking.

They are located right next to Safeway (the largest grocery store in town), a hardware store, a movie theater, a pet store, an assortment of other shops, and various fast food restaurants. Start your laundry and then head down to Rocky Mountain Fruit Shake, sit by the fountain, and enjoy the mountain views.

Dad’s Laundry and Public Showers is open 7 days a week, but they don’t normally stay open past 8 pm or so.

If you live in Estes Park, Dad’s has two slightly annoying features:
1) limited hours, especially in winter
2) a lack of large machines

Address 457 E Wonder View Ave, Estes Park, CO
Phone (970) 586-2025

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